Indulgence Gift Set


This beautiful tea and bath salt set is perfect for when pure relaxation is required.

Each gift box includes:

2 x Cinnamon Girl Teas

2 x Salted Bliss Bath Salts

1 x Tea Strainer


This beautiful set is perfect for when pure relaxation is required.

This gift box includes:

1 x Cinnamon Girl Clari-Tea

1 x Rose, Lavender & Sandalwood Salted Bliss Bath Salt

1 x Grounded Tea Cup Miss Willow Designs

1 x Tea Strainer


Description:  A gentle and refreshing cleansing herbal blend tonic, improving the function of all eliminative systems.  Check with your health care professional.  Caffeine Free.

Brewing Tips:  3-5 minutes, 100degC, 2.5gm or 1 level teaspoon.

Ingredients:   Calendula Clivers, Dandelion Root, Elder Flower, Ginger Kibble, Hibiscus, Nettle Red Clover, Spearmint Leaves Cut.


Enjoy the therapeutic benefits from an epsom salt bath. Epsom Salts are absorbed through  the skin and help to relieve muscle tension, pain and inflammation in joints. Epsom Salts contain magnesium which is great for relaxation and help to aid in a good night sleep. We use premium essential oils in our range of bath salts.


  • Epsom Salts
  • Rose, Lavender & Sandalwood Essential Oils
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Natrasorb
  • Dried Flowers

(yellow flower not included)